Wei Lun Huang

In Memory of Grand Master Wei Lun Huang

This memorial site for my Brother, Grand Master Wei Lun Huang, is here as a tribute to honor him for all his dedication and accomplishments. His departure from this life leaves a big gap in the many lives and students who his teachings have touched.

He was a world-class instructor and practitioner of the Internal Martial Arts. He was a master of the slow and fast Yang Style Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, Ba Gua, Lu He Ba Fa, Qi Gong, Push Hands, sword, spear, and martial arts applications.

More information about Master Wei Lun can be found at the following sites:

His photo gallery

Golden Lotus Qi Gong Instructional Video

This video is reported to be the only public instruction video that he made during his professional life and that he was instrumental in introducing the Golden Lotus style of Qi Gong into the U.S.