Plywood Hurricane Shutters

Item #10 on Hutchins Review Memo:

“Provide a Florida Product Approval document with the model option being used circled, highlighted or otherwise identified along with the corresponding Installation Instructions (OR) a Notice of Acceptance for the Single Hung and Horizontal Rolling Windows. 2017 FBC R301.2.1 & R30l.2.1 .2”

Cabana’s reply to Hutchins:

I was able to locate some of Pocahontas’s FPAs (Florida Product Approval) copies of which are attached. However, in reading the FPA’s, I’m of the opinion that they don’t cover the ones Sui purchased from Mobile Depot here in Venice.

As a possible solution, I feel there are two possible options:

  • Option #1 – Replace whichever ones you designate with local ones from Lowes which will have all the documentation you require.

  • Option #2 – I feel as a better one is one that would financially be more practical and offers better protection overall. And, that is to build some replaceable shutters out of plywood (per the code requirements) that could be quickly fastened over the window openings as needed. They could be fastened with easy on-easy off stainless steel wing-nuts / bolt combination hardware.

    Needless to say, I am respectfully requesting that Option #2 be approved for item #10.”

Cabana’s Comments:

Since the FPA’s weren’t available, they would have to be removed and replaced with ones that met the code. This would have been an expensive option running in the area of $1,000. The option of putting plywood shutters would have been far less expensive and would have provided more than enough safety.

Hutchins totally and disrespectfully ignored this option and held fast to providing the FPA which was impossible to supply as there are none available.

His attitude is counter to the following Sarasota Code Ordnances:

  • Sarasota Code of Ordinances
  • Article Vlll Code Enforcement
  • Sec. 2-343. – Intent.
  • It is the intent of this article to promote, protect and improve the health, safety, and welfare” of the citizens of Sarasota County by providing for the enforcement of any codes and ordinances in effect in Sarasota County where a pending, intermittent, or repeated violation continues to exist through the imposition of administrative fines and other noncriminal penalties in an equitable, expeditious, effective, and inexpensive method of achieving full compliance.

Or this one:

  • Sarasota Code of Ordinances
  • Article Vlll Code Enforcement
  • Sec. 2-341 (3) – Findings of Fact.

The Board of County Commissioners of Sarasota County, Florida hereby finds:

  • It is in the best interests of the citizens of Sarasota County to provide for alternate code enforcement methods, through remedial systems that focus on bringing properties into compliance, rather than on punishment.

This could happen to you and how would you feel?

If you feel the same as Sui does, then show the county that you support her efforts to make a change in their policy to comply with their mandated duties and ordinances by signing up and joining her peaceful protest today.