Fight Back Against Building Dept. Unlawful Enforcement

Help stop the unconstitutional,  unwarranted, unreasonable and overreaching intrusion into the ownership and quiet possession of your home.

Who is it for?

If you are a homeowner in Sarasota County, FL, and the abuses of the local building dept. have penalized you in the past or will probably affect you either now or sometime in the future, you need to join Sui to take a stand against the offending rules and enforcement policies. We need to protest the government agency's intrusive provisions of the Ordinances, Statutes, and any other rules and to fight back to have them eliminated from the books so that we as homeowners can be free of unconstitutional and abusive enforcement!

Sui's Legal Position on Specific Rules

F.S. Rule R305.1

How does the 7ft. height minimum affect my safety, health, or welfare?

Why is this requirement even in the rules?


If you do “any” renovations, remodeling, or replacements to your home, are you aware that you could be required to raise the floor level to that of the main house?


Are you aware that if your windows do not meet the impact rating required by the building code that you couldn’t solve the problem by putting hurricane resistant plywood over the offending window?

You Can Fight Back and Make a Difference

Do you know your rights to challenge the laws imposed on you? Do you know how some of these onerous laws originated and how they are enforced?

If you have ever been hassled by a government official or agency and felt it was unjust? Now you can learn how to fight back by supporting Sui and joining her protest for homeowner justice.

How You Can Help!

If enough homeowners will protest these matters, you can make a difference as the politicians who make or endorse the rules will listen to the will of the people. You are the ones who voted them in and you can just as well vote them out. They will respect that power….but only if there are enough people who protest.

Let them know that you, as a homeowner and registered voter, object to the inequity and discrimination of these unjust rules.

protest against government overreach

Stop unjust government intrusion into our homes!