2017 Cruise to Asia

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Instructor Highlights

This cruise was a great adventure for us. So many new places and sights to see . It was nice to get to China to visit some familiar places and eat some “real” Chinese meals again. On this trip, we enjoyed having one of our largest Taiji classes to date with around 70 people attending. Between the classes and escorting many tours, we seemed to be always on the go most of the time. Again, we met many new cruisemates and shared a lot of stories with them.

Sui and Annie Gong, one of the ship’s on stage performers have a rehersal session with Sui doing one of her fan dances.

Class Highlights

We were amazed at the interest the passengers had in our Taiji and Qigong classes plus the discussion groups on Sundays. We covered many topics and were pleased to see how much interest people have for maintaining their health and wellness. It was a pleasure to work with these people and to share some of the things we know and practice ourselves.


Taiji Class Pictures

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Taiji Graduation Class

Qigong Graduation Class

Cruise Highlights

This was a really outstanding cruise and we saw many interesting places such as Beijing, India, Bali, Australia, and Fiji. 

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Some of the places we went – part 1.

Qigong Classes and Discussion Groups

At one of our Chinese Healing discussion group sessions, Ester Loverigdge revealed her secret of an drastic weight loss, improvement in her lifestyle, and the avoidance of knee surgery.

Here’s her story: