2015 Cruise to Far East

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Instructor Highlights

This was an exciting cruise as it was the first time to the Far East with all its exotic places for us to visit.. This was our second cruise and we really enjoyed the Rotterdam and all the new cruisemates aboard.

These trips are really the thrill of a lifetime and we could do this as long as we are able.

Class Highlights

Most of our classes were held in the ships Crow’s Nest Lounge which was a little bit tight for the groups we had but to be able to look out at the passing sea was very peaceful.

Most everyone seemed to like it and did quite well in their efforts even though some days the rocking of the ship made it quite a challenge.

Cruise Highlights

The trip to Petra (The Rose City) was really a thing to see. I had heard a lot about it and we gathered a group of our students to make the excursion there. It was well worth the effort to go there and see the amazing things that were created out of stone by its inhabitants in a place so out of the way from all the normal trade routes.

There were a lot of other interesting places on this cruise, but this was one of the best and most outstanding places for me. And, most of the other participants on the excursion seemed to agree with that assessment.