What Services Do We Offer Now?

 As of April 2019, our focus is doing what we do best and that is helping people who want to travel to China and need a helping hand with to get started by saving time and money in planning your trip. Additionally, we offer ourselves out as guides and translators for travelers going there. Our goal is to provide a 4-star journey at reasonable prices by giving personalized services from just the two of us.

In general, we now can do the following:

  • Taking people to China for wellness schooling from master instructors in Qigong Self-healing techniques, and/or participating in local cultural immersion with personal sightseeing to your specifications
  • Taking groups to a Taoist Retreat, located in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, to learn Chinese Self-healing from one of the most noted Taoist Priest in the US. 

Since there is just the two of us, we are open to most any reasonable or unusual requests to guide you on tours and cruises to interesting places in China. Give Sui a call with your wish (or bucket) list (941-493-0973) or go to our sister website by clicking the red button below.