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Master Sui Huang's Qualifications
for Cruise Instructor


As a Tai Chi instructor, she developed “Easy Taiji” [also known as Tai Chi] which is a form oriented toward beginning students to shorten their time to learn the forms and to further their interest in Tai Chi. This is especially useful for instructing cruise passengers who sometimes have difficulty in learning new routines. 

The moves have been selected as they are easy to do on a ship in motion with its rocking and rolling at times. Students are taught how to improve and maintain their balance while walking under such conditions.The students like this and it is a safety factor for both their protection and the cruise line’s protection.

What gives Sui an edge over other Tai Chi instructors is her ability to not only provide “Easy Taiji” and other standard forms of the Yang Style, but she is constantly seeking out new and fresh material to offer ship’s passengers. In addition to her Tai Chi she can teach Qigong self-healing. Even better yet, she can deliver spell-binding, performances on stage to ships audiences with her Taiji Fan Dances as she has done on all the various ship’s talent shows.

An added optional benefit for the ship and the convenience of the passengers:

She now can provide extra seaday classes and discussion groups such as:

  • Holding afternoon Qigong classes entitled “Asian Wellness With Sui.” in addition to her regular morning Tai Chi class. This is a group class inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, combining elements of Qigong, tai chi, and meditation that completely exercise both the mind and body.
  • Holding an open forum discussion group on Sunday afternoon covering self-healing, health and wellness plus any and all other forms of ailments
  • Teaching Mandarin Chinese lessons just prior to arriving in ports in China.
  • Holding extra Tai Chi Sunday mornings practice sessions up in the ship’s Crow’s Nest lounge or out on deck, weather permitting.
For more background, read About her.

Cruise Ship Tai Chi Instructor Experience


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