China Consulting Serivces

China Consulting Services

What We Provide

We have innovated a way to provide you with the lowest cost, safest, and most flexible way to visit China with peace of mind, to learn from Master Instructors at temples and retreats, subjects regarding Health, Wellness and Longevity, and/or to do some sightseeing.

Our objective is to provide you with a suitable itinerary recommendation to match your needs. 

In particular, we let you know:

  • Which sightseeing companies provide good, flexible service for the sights you want to visit and in the area(s) you want to travel.
  • Which retreats provide the type of wellness training you are seeking.
  • Depending on your group size, we will try to negotiate discounts for you when available.

Benefits of Using Our Services:

  • You are our client. Our commitment is only to you and no one else. 
  • Saving time in researching all the possibilities and choices available. Take advantage of our knowledge of, and contacts in China
  • Saving you money in getting the most bang for your bucks.
  •  We make recommendations and you make your own arrangement and payments with whomever you choose.
  • There is no obligation to use our recommendations.


Please understand that our compensation comes from fees you pay for our services.


For research and report – flat rate basis quoted according to your needs. Payment is one-half with your order for research, the last half when it is delivered.

For our Guide Services accompanying you on any one of our itineraries – flat rate basis depending on the size of your group.

Introductory offer: If you take advantage of using our Guide Services for any itinerary we provide you, the compensation paid for the consulting portion of our services will be credited to the Guide fee.

Please download our China Wish List form from Dropbox to request a quote based on your needs.

Money back guarantee if you take a trip, based on our recommendations, and are not satisfied.