China Guide Services

Note: These services were formerly offered under another website ( which is being closed down due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Guide services have been discontinued until travel is permitted to China.

  • Have you been searching for the magic bullets to help your health, wellness, and longevity?
  • Have you wanted to seek out schools having genuine Master Instructors who follow the ancient preventative-lifestyle teachings that have been handed down for centuries from Master to Disciple in China?
  • Have you ever wanted to visit China for some sightseeing but feel it is too intimidating, you don’t know the language or involves too much research and effort?
  • Do you want to find out the least expensive way to visit China without cutting corners?

Look no further, we can help you!

As seniors and travelers ourselves, with a history of many shore excursions that we have escorted for Holland America and have independently taken personally, we know what makes a good trip and what a guide should provide.

In the itineraries we prepare for you, we feel it is important to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible for all our travelers. 

In designing itineraries for you, we will be recommending one or more vendors in China to provide the services you need. However, they will only have local guides to accompany you for sightseeing and dining activities. There will be occasions where you will be on your own unless you are the type of individual that will be non-stop and touring every day. 

What we will provide:

  • Since our responsibility is to you alone, we will accompany you from the time you arrive in China until you return home.
  • We will act on your behalf to solve any concerns, changes, or problems that might arise with any of the vendors and do whatever is necessary in our power to work things out.
  • Each sightseeing company uses one or more local guides depending on the scope of your travels. However, they are all looking out for their company’s interest first and then maybe yours. We will handle things on your behalf if they occur.
  • On free days, we will accompany you on any side trips you want to make.
  • Sui (who speaks Mandarin and Cantonese) will be your guide as tour leader, co-ordinator, and interpreter. Check her background.

What you will provide:

  • Arrangements and payment for international transportation, visas, travel insurance, tips for services and any other personal items. See our suggested vendor list, included with our report, to help you with some of these items.
  • Just as if you were traveling on your own, a sightseeing company will handle your hotel, some meals, related transportation and transfers, and entry fees for sightseeing facilities. You will register with and pay them directly. 
  • If you choose to participate in the Health, Wellness and Longevity training, the retreats will handle your training, rooms, meals, etc. and you will be utilizing their facilities. Again, you will register with and pay them directly.
  • For the above, individuals in your group will have the flexibility to request other arrangements from your vendor’s list e.g. another hotel, restaurant, sightseeing sites, transportation, etc., according to your needs or wants. If you do so, it will be up to you to arrange to catch up with your group at some point in a scheduled itinerary. 
  • When creating groups for any occasion, we try put people together based on their China Wish-list questionnaire. We are not in the business of marketing trips according to your itinerary, it is important that you try to get some like-minded people and organize a group of your own, if possible. This will decrease the amount of money you have to pay due to economies of scale. Our minimum group for guiding a trip is approx. 10 people. 


  • You will have someone by your side during the trip who will help you to not feel like someone lost in a strange country with no way to communicate.
  • You will be able to have someone with you who knows how to get around the country.
  • Sui will help you to appreciate what China has to offer, be an enhancement to your trip, and will maximize your enjoyment while there.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that someone has your back throughout your entire time in China. 
  • During your trip, you will have complete flexibility to make changes as to your meals, accommodations, schooling, or sightseeing schedule.
Bonus Benefits:
  • Your trip will also be accompanied by Bill Cabana who will document the trip on video and who will create a trip video record of the events for you to have. 
  • His work can be seen on Sui’s website. He is the photographer and webmaster for all of her sites.


Flat rate fee. On a per day basis, it starts as low as $45/day per person in a group trip. For other arrangements you might desire, please contact us.      

Introductory offer: If you take advantage of using our Guide Services for any itinerary we provide you, the compensation paid for the consulting portion of our services will be credited to the Guide fee.