Sui Huang Tai Chi

Delightfully Unique and Extraordinaire!


White Crane

Taking people to China and retreats in the U.S. to study under Chinese Master instructors to learn their ancient secrets on self-healing along with how to live better and longer lives.

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An extraordinary instructor whose inspirational lessons, demonstrations, and performances have pleased a wide variety of students and audiences worldwide.

Sui provides practical and easy-to-learn methods for you to achieve the benefits that Yang style Tai Chi and Qi Gong has to offer. 

Sui is an energetic, ebullient and gregarious person who is very creative and artistic. She enjoys performing at events, on stage, and gatherings to encourage people to see the beauty of the forms and make them aware of the benefits that Tai Chi and Qigong can bring to their lives.

An ongoing documentary of Sui’s travels, cruise ship classes, her students, and performances on ships and on shore.


Cruise Ship Guest Instructor Experience

Sui is a beneficial addition to any cruise ship's enrichment and entertainment programs.

Sui is able to offer passengers not only “Easy Taiji” and other standard forms of the Yang Style, but she can give instruction in Tai Chi Dancing and Fan Dancing along with Qi Gong which are her specialties.

Even better yet, she can deliver  remarkable, spell-binding performances on stage to ships audiences.

An ebullient and gregarious individual, she mixes well with all levels of passengers  and is fluent in English,  Chinese Mandarin, and Cantonese. 

Highly qualified

highly talented

Highly versatile



Ellen White


Thank you for teaching the Tai Chi classes. You are an excellent teacher and very patient. 

It works to repeat the steps from the beginning each day. You explain the steps very well.

Why I like Tai Chi: 

1. It is a peaceful way to exercise. 2. It is a way to clear my mind and think of only one thing at a time. 3. It is slow,  gentle, and improves flexibility and balance. 4. It requires coordination and improves my mind.


Joyce Seely

Sui, your quiet, gentle and very positive direction has been much appreciated.

I found Tai Chi to help in the following ways: 

 1. Posture is improving.  2. Body is becoming less stiff. 3. Balance is better. 4. I feel more calm. 5. Focus is improving. 

There is much more work for me to do. I’ll do it. 

Thank you!


Jackie Weins